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How can you simplify cooperation with foreign business partners?

Meet the new application that allows you to quickly send payments while providing a transparent and the best exchange rate on the market. At any time you will be able to track your foreign payments and share this knowledge with contractors - all with minimal formalities.

Strade is a solution for all business owners, micro and small entrepreneurs who value convenience and care about transparent rules for foreign payments.

To know all the features just watch video:

Strade changes the way entrepreneurs can make transactions

It gives them the opportunity to control their international transactions from one convenient mobile application.

Why is it worth your time?

In the application you will be able to check the credibility of your contractors. It will be checked in the business entities database for solvency. You will also have contact details of the counterparty - mail, phone and his website at your fingertips. Handy, right?

You will be able to check the financial situation of your current or future contractor on your phone and receive current information about any change in this area, e.g. via SMS, thanks to which your money will be safer.

You will be able to make transfers between your own accounts from other banks while seeing at all time their balance. In just one app!

We guarantee the most favorable exchange rate and the opportunity for you to make a decision when it is the most profitable for you to make a future transfer or currency conversion. Just choose a day and we will take care of all transactions.

You can track the status of your payment and you can share it with your accountant or contractor - with one click.

You will have access to the most important market information about your business. All you have to do is select the economy segments and economic information that interest you and we'll send you key information. No spam – we promise!

We will also provide you with all the information on how to make payments to selected countries so that you can avoid time-consuming complaint processes in other banks.

You will also receive a payment guarantee. After you have set the date of the transfer it will be carried out even if you do not have sufficient funds on your account.

You can order each payment by taking a photo of the invoice - no more manual and time-consuming rewriting of data.

Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Over the past two decades people across the world have seen digital services transform the economy and their lives. Taxis, films, novels, doctors and dog-walkers can all be summoned with a tap of a screen. Giant firms in retailing, car making and media have been humbled by new competitors. Yet one industry has withstood the tumult: banking. Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It only provides information and functions tailored to your needs.


Given the unique features of your business environment, including potential customers, competitors and partners. We will continue to develop the application (as we do it from the beginning) with entrepreneurs!

What benefits will your business achieve thanks to Strade?

  • Simplifying the process of foreign transactions and regaining full control over it
  • Facilitating communication with business partners around the world
  • Current knowledge of your industry - the areas you are interested in
  • Knowledge about the reliability of selected contractors around the world
  • Saving time
  • Faster development of your company

We are launching spring 2020! For now we just want your valuable feedback so we can develop the app just the way you wish it to be!